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Harness your spirit, achieve your potential.

Leadership & Performance Coaching

Harness your spirit


Achieve your potential

Ciao, I'm Daria

Let's harness the spirit of your ambition

With years of expertise in the world of elite hospitality, I’ve learnt that the path to the top can be a daunting one. But having excelled in the most demanding of industries, I can help you harness your passions and talents, channelling them to create a powerful driving force – propelling you towards fulfilment, recognition, and holistic success.

How you act in the moment defines career-long success. We’ll work together to hone your innate leadership prowess. I believe in profound shifts in perspective – with actionable decisions and emotional wisdom – to achieve influential leadership transformation.

Why other leaders recommend Daria

Ylenia Belviso

Chief Stewardess

"Daria’s trainings are simply amazing. She really knows how to bring out the skills of excellence and style in everyone."


Chief Stewardess

"Passion, professionalism and excellence: the perfect combination if we want to grow and live our wonderful job better!"



"Daria has been very professional in her manner and has a wealth of knowledge. Good staffing company, everyone is very professional, responsive and I would certainly use them again."

Alexandra Virtic

Chief Stewardess

"Daria is one of the best consultants you will ever come across. She goes above and beyond what any other consultant would do to help your career get to the next level!"

Michela Villa

CEO of SCS Yachting

"Since the day I met Daria I was impressed by her energy, professionalism and her friendly approach. I admire her know how, but also the way she tells her compelling story. We organized together a training course for crew, and it was a real success. No doubt that anyway would be energized by her teaching.

Nicola Favario


"I have the opportunity to recommend Daria after personally testing some crew members trained on board M/Y Ice Lady who were trained by her. I've seen, through her courses and results, that she performs with an excellent professionalism due to her great, extensive experience in the business, leaving each crew with a better and profitable knowledge of the job. In this case we can say knowledge is what makes the difference”


Chief Stewardess

"Passion,know-how, competence through the power of sharing:this is Daria. An amazing opportunity of professional improvement can be easily represented by a glimpse of my sparkling happy eyes. They speak more than words."

Is this the impact you want to make?

Is this the impact you want to make?

If you've made a serious decision to enhance your career performance, get in touch for your 30-minute call.

6-day course

The Darius Academy Approach

Why coach with Daria Nicomedi? 

Expertise Meets Action

Comprehensive Experience – 2 days on navigating life, 2 days honing team-building skills, 2 days on applying practical tools in your field.

For Visionary Leaders – Specialist, personal leadership coaching aimed at those who seek to perform at their peak – practically and emotionally.

Balanced Transformation – Employing a blend of coaching, mentoring, and professional development, a holistic shift is a priority.

Other courses from the darius academy

5-day Elite

Hospitality Course

Learn the art and skill to be a chief stewardess or butler of a superyacht – in San Remo and Côte d’Azure.

Elite Hospitality Workshop (1 or 2 days)

On-site training in any one or two of the  modules from our 5-day onsite course.

Online Course

(coming soon)

Offering a new experience to those who wish to learn elite hospitality through our online courses.

Who is Daria Nicomedi?

Your personal leadership and performance coach

Daria is a dedicated expert in bespoke training, transforming individuals into leaders focussed on holistic, high performance. She also trains expert chief stewardesses, butlers, and elite housekeepers.

Her 25-year journey is one of excellence, consistency, and above all else, hard work. These three qualities lie at the heart of the Darius Academy ethos – one which Daria uses to inspire others in becoming the best they can be in the art of leadership.

With her first-class proficiency, Daria ascended the ranks of elite hospitality and shares her mastery and understanding of leadership and performance at the Darius Academy. Daria, knows, too well, the challenging, often exhausting, lifestyle of a demanding career first-hand – a lifestyle which is also exhilarating and deeply rewarding. She seeks to help others be the leaders that they see in themselves as they embark on a journey of excellence at Darius Academy.

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